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Antwerp’s Recovery Continues in October With Strong Rough Trading

‘FINANCE AND TRADE – AWDC’s figures for October indicate that increased trade, particularly rough imports and exports in the diamond hub, continue to narrow the gap, caused by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global diamond industry, with 2019. Rough exports for October were up 82% in terms of carats, 76% in terms of value, compared to October 2019. Imports increased 78% in carats, 65% in US$. Strong tender activities and results, among others for Alrosa’s Specials tender, Gem Diamonds and Petra, and the recent announcements of exceptional stones that are going to be polished by HB Antwerp, underscore Antwerp’s resilience as preferred rough trading hub.

Rough imports for the first three quarters of the year are down 6%, to nearly 60 million carats, -26% in terms of value compare to the same period last year. Rough exports, as manufacturing is still impacted by reduced capacity, clocks at -29% in carats, -32% in terms of value. In terms of volume, polished imports and exports also slowly gain, with exports down -38% and imports down -39% in terms of volume for January through to October.’

Source – The Diamond Loupe

Image by Funki50 from Pixabay