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Cartier Releases New ‘The Proposal’ Films

Cartier has followed up on its acclaimed “The Proposal” commercials by publishing two new videos on social media this week.

The clips tell two separate stories of couples who meet by accident and — spoiler alert — develop a relationship that culminates in the perfect proposal with a Cartier diamond ring.

Within 24 hours of going up on the jewelry brand’s Instagram account, the videos had nearly 200,000 views combined. The reviews on the platform, which caters largely to a millennial audience, were mainly positive.

“Well done @cartier. Hadn’t seen this post but whilst I was browsing through my stories [I] actually stopped for the first time for a brand because the first two seconds were THAT good and kept me interested. And you kept me going through until the end! Great piece of instastory ad!” wrote Instagram user malvespires.

The previous films in the campaign, which Cartier launched ahead of Valentine’s Day 2015, were set in Paris and told the story of three other couples who chose Cartier rings to celebrate their bond.
Source: Rapaport