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Insights About ‘Chocolate’ Diamonds

‘Chocolate’ diamonds have gained in popularity in recent years, to the chagrin of many purists. For years some diamond jewelry companies have been accused of generating a hype about diamonds traditionally seen as bottom-the-barrel stones, effectively deceiving end consumers by rebranding brown diamonds as ‘chocolate’.

Luxury jeweler Matthew Ely thinks differently about it and encourages Vogue Australia’s readers to move away from the norm of white diamonds and to consider purchasing chocolate diamonds sourced from the Australian Argyle mines. “They are more luxurious than many diamonds because achieving the perfect cut with an Australian Chocolate diamond is much more difficult due to the fact that they are a much harder material,” says Ely. “Chocolate diamonds also take longer to polish because of this hard density and often require a talented jeweler to yield the best results, which drives up labor costs and causes them to be more expensive overall.”

Ely does suggest that consumers avoid choosing a color so rich and dark that the level of brilliance does not shine through. Avoid diamonds with a lower quality cut or one that is heavily included, as this once again tarnishes the brilliance of the stone. Another pleasant difference is that chocolate diamonds are relatively more affordable than white diamonds, allowing consumers to purchase statement sized stones for a similar budget that would afford them a smaller white diamond.

Source: The Diamond Loupe