The diamond market is highly consolidated. The top two companies sell 60% of diamonds globally by value; with the top six accounting for over 80%. Smaller diamond producers and diamond exploration companies often face challenges in both debt and capital, struggling to obtain the necessary funding required to grow and operate at optimum levels.

We structure a variety of solutions that provide the required capital, repayable fully or partially by the future supply of diamonds at an agreed pricing model. We are also able to provide the support of diamond sales and marketing provisions, deliver equity/debt combinations, working capital to diamond producers, and the partial pre-payment of diamonds that we sell through our online trading platform.

Each company situation is different, and in each case an individual mutually workable solution is agreed upon. We firmly believe that closer ties with diamond producers are benefit all parties involved. Becoming their investors and financiers makes their success our success – creating reciprocal cooperation and strong, long held relationships.

Almas Resource’s primary business is the development and commercial exploitation of a diversified portfolio of five alluvial diamond projects located in South Africa.

Immediate key focus area is the company’s exploration programs designed to prove, confirm and improve current resource estimates.

Our long term strategy is two-fold: to build a portfolio of cash flow positive, producing mines, combined with the ‘blue sky’ of high quality exploration assets; and to share profitability in the downstream of the diamond value chain (“from source to finger”, “from earth to elegance”) which is estimated to be significantly greater than at a mine gate.