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Rare Argyle Fancy Red Diamond is Being Debuted in Taiwan

The fifth edition of the Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair, hosted by UBM Asia Ltd Taiwan Branch and Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association and co-organised by Taipei Jewelers’ Association, will take place at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1 from 3-6 November. The events include Jewellery runway shows, trend seminars, showcase of antique watches and limited products on sale, PR Newswire reports.

The rare fancy coloured diamonds kept breaking bidding records at the worldwide auction in recent years. Jurassic Inc., a Taiwan renowned jewellery company, will debut “Asia Jewelry Auction Preview” at the trade show to introduce 180 delicate jewellery pieces for sale. The 1.00 carat Argyle fancy red diamond named “The Kimberly Red” is the most attention-grabbing piece amongst all. As fancy red diamonds are the rarest diamonds and a 1.92-carat fancy red diamond ring once broke the US$315 million mark in 2013, this magnificent showpiece will be expected to fetch a good price.

The Japan exhibitors, Excellent Gem Co. Ltd. and Minerva Co. Ltd., will present a series of renewed jewellery pieces at the show, such as ruby, sapphire, gold and diamonds.

Source: prnewswire