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Three UK suppliers are collaborating on a one-day fair in London that will feature only ethically sourced and traceable gemstones for purchase by jewelry designers.

Stuart Pool of Nineteen48, Kathy Chappell of Fair Trade Gemstones and Ian Bone of Queensland, Australia-based Capricorn Gems will present stones at the March 13 event. All the goods on show will include full provenance details, including an assurance of responsible mining and production.

“Having worked closely together for some time, this event is a natural extension of our collaboration,” said Pool. “For jewelers who have an emphasis on responsible sourcing, we think this is the best opportunity to see and buy a wide range of traceable gemstones from around the world and to quiz us about our supply chain and provenance face-to-face.”

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and opals are among the gemstones that will appear at the fair. The gems are sourced from locations including Sri Lanka, Australia, Malawi, Tanzania and the US. Source Rapnet.