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Wallace Chan的天界

As the first Chinese jewellery artist invited to participate in numerous world-renowned jewellery arts exhibitions, Wallace Chan’s artistry and accomplishments are undeniable. Through his creations, Chan reaches out to the celestial realm that he perceives through the work of nature.

By Christie Dang

Born in Fuzhou, China, Wallace Chan moved to Hong Kong at the age of five and eventually became an apprentice sculptor. At 17, he set up his own sculpture workshop. Ever since he invented the Wallace Cut in 1987, Chan has become an illustrious luminary in art and jewellery circles.

Despite his successful career, Chan is not one to rest on his laurels. “I always ask why and am curious about how things come into their current forms,” he said in one of his speeches to jewellers and design students in Hong Kong.

Chan consistently seeks to break through the norms and always strives to reach the next level. After eight years of research and trials, he successfully mastered the technique of applying titanium in jewellery manufacturing and created groundbreaking masterpieces that drew the attention of auction houses and collectors worldwide.

Early this month, the designer participated for the third time in TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation), showcasing 30 of his unique jewellery creations.

The highlights of his creations included the Longevity brooch, which takes inspiration from the long-horned beetle as a symbol of longevity; Bridging Dreams ring, which features a 15.90-carat tanzanite stone, a 44.58-carat aquamarine and a 4.17-carat rubellite, all in trilliant cut; A Love Tale brooch, representing strong heritage and virtues; Ocean Dancers earrings, featuring two bell-shaped crystals of 94.82 carats and two pearls, this pair of alluring earrings is set in titanium with white and yellow diamonds, crystals and sapphires; Bridges of Waves ring in titanium, which pays homage to majestic ocean waves; the Cosmic Union bangle, which combines two pieces of agate of 142.08 carats, and is set with white, yellow and fancy colour diamonds, yellow sapphires, tsavorites and garnets in titanium. According to Chan, the agates represent different eras, time ripples in our cosmos, celebrating the infinite union of the universe. The formation of the stone merges the elements of earth and water that create unique coloured layers. The layers trace the changes and transformations of our planet and record the passage of the ages.

Another highlight was the Sun of Soul necklace with an 80.69-carat square yellow diamond as centre piece, an emerald of 5.95 carats, yellow and green diamonds, and tsavorite. To many Chinese, the sunflower symbolises admiration and loyalty. “Sun of Soul” radiates heartwarming energy, like the beams of the sun showering the earth with gentle touches, creating a loving cradle for the world.

Source: JNA