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Fancy Color Diamond Prices Keep Rising

by John Jeffay

“Fancy color diamonds prices rose by an average of 0.8 per cent in the last quarter.

That’s a slowdown on the previous three months (1.0 per cent Q1 2022), but still puts them way ahead of other global indices, says the New York-based Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).

In Q2 2022 it says the Dow Jones was down 11.3 per cent, the S&P down 16.4 per cent, gold down 6.7 per cent, and white diamonds down 4.0 per cent.

Prices across all color intensities for yellows rose by an average of 0.9 per cent, pinks rose by 0.8 per cent and blues were up 0.6 per cent.

The biggest increase by size and intensity category, was yellow fancy 8-carat, up by 4.9 per cent. The biggest loss was pink fancy 8-carat, down 1.3 per cent.

FCRF board member Ishaia Gol said: “It is evident that the increase in prices is driven by two market forces that haven’t occurred simultaneously in quite some time: That is, high demand for fancy color diamonds on the retail side, and fierce competition on rough in tenders.”