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An Iris Alexander creation is a true masterpiece. Drawing on the expertise of exceptionally skilled designers and high jewellers, the complexity and flamboyance of each creation is a work of art - worn to adorn.


Opulent design meets a mastered eye for gem selection, with precise attention to intricate stone setting - expertly positioned by hand, with an accuracy achieved by the world’s best artisans.

Iris Alexander’s collections feature exquisite, collectable, one of a kind pieces, conceived with sensitivity to the composition and form of the female. The essence of femininity is conveyed within each design – varying in its interpretation, yet demonstrating the multi faceted power and personalities of the women who wear them.

Designer Collection

Sharing in the designer’s empowered vision, a selection of high jewellers have been invited to design a unique piece, inspired by the muse of an Iris Alexander diamond.


for iris alexander

Created by the combination of precious materials for a glamourous and exquisite style, it set the trend of the innovation of jewellery that radiates classic elegance with a hint of modern magnificence. YEPREM relies on luxurious creations revealing every curve of the body as a work of art, identifying women who dare to be distinctive. Each piece is made with moving style and dexterity so that the jewellery is comfortable and pliable.