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New Jewellery Show Comes to NY

A new show will launch in New York in November, according to Rapaport. It will cover jewellery-related topics and provide an inside look at products made, designed, produced and sold in the state. The fair will take place from November 12 to 18.

NYC Jewelry Week (NYCJW) will last for seven days and feature educational programming, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, tours and collaborations within the New York jewellery community.

The show is created by Bella Neyman, an independent curator and journalist specialising in contemporary jewellery, and JB Jones, a fashion editor with a focus on jewellery.

“New York City exists at an enviable intersection between all aspects of the jewellery world,” said Erin Daily, co-founder of Brooklyn Metal Works and a participant in the event. He also added that the event will strengthen the field and give the industry players and public an opportunity to view jewellery “from a vantage point yet unseen.”

Source: Rapaport