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Tiffany Blue Goes Green – Diamonds Lead the Way

‘Tiffany & Co announced it will be detailing the entire journey of each and every diamond in one of their jewels, complete from mine to finished jewelry piece, in a “full craftsmanship journey”. In a dedicated certificate, for each stone, Tiffany will tell the story of the diamond’s origin, where it was cut and polished, graded and set and in which circumstances. The company believes that by doing so, they will not only tap into consumer demands for transparency, but as an iconic brand also aims to create awareness and inspire others to bring about broader change. Diamonds lead the way in Tiffany’s move towards more sustainability, while the company will also implement strict protocols for other gemstones and won’t source gems from countries where there are issues with transparancy and human rights, such as rubies from Myanmar.’

Source – The Diamond Loupe