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Rapaport: US Polished Trade Picks Up in January

Polished-diamond imports to the US grew 3% to $1.81 billion in January, according to government data.

“By volume, polished imports slid 4% to 805,320 carats, while the average price of imports jumped 7% to $2,252 per carat.

US polished exports, meanwhile, jumped 22% to $1.52 billion, causing net polished imports — the excess of imports over exports — to slide 44% to $289 million.

Rough exports plummeted 73% to $15 million, while rough imports slumped 53% to $57 million, meaning net rough imports dropped 35% to $42 million.

The US net diamond account — its total rough and polished imports minus total exports — plunged 43% to $331 million.” reported by Rapaport.